Quarter 1 Training Quiz

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For last-minute illness or other urgent reasons, homecare aides are required to call and notify the supervisor. Notification must take place through one of the following ways:*
What must you do when the client refuses to take their medications?*
If the homecare aide’s absence is 3 days or longer, the supervisor reserves the right to request that the homecare aide provide evidence (such as a doctor’s note) to support the reason for the absence. The evidence must be presented within one day of returning to work.*
When can you assist the client with skin care?*
In case of an absence, it is the homecare aide’s responsibility to report his/her absence to the supervisor directly.*
When the client has taken a fall, you must report this to your supervisor.*
If the homecare aide fails to report for work for 3 consecutive or non-consecutive days within a year without any notification to the supervisor, it is considered a voluntary termination by the homecare aide.*
You may give your client their medications yourself only if they have been stored in a pill box or are preselected by the client themselves, their family member, or a nurse.*
When must you call your supervisor during your work shift?*
Incidents to be reported to your supervisor include:*
What must you do in an emergency?*
One of the easiest ways for you to help your client from falling is to remove obstructions from the floor.*
You may assist your client who uses equipment for transfers, but only when the client is comfortable and knows how to use the equipment, such as their walker, cane, or wheelchair.*
If the client does not have their medications organized in a pill box, you can open the pill bottles and give it to the client per the instructions on the container.*
You can assist your client with exercise in the following way:*
When the client does not have their medications organized in a pill box, what is correct:*
What are some of the incidents you must report to your supervisor during your shift?*
When your client has absolutely no food in their refrigerator and no money for groceries, you must:*
Each day the homecare aide does not report for a shift and does not call to notify a supervisor is considered a no-call/no-show event.*
In an immediate emergency you must call 911.*
How do you notify your supervisor if a serious incident happens while you are working on a weekend and the office is closed?*
For clients who have Alzheimer’s Disease, good practices when it comes to meals, include:*
I have completed the Quarter 1, 2023 In-Home Services training requirement and submitted the quiz on the topics of*
Homecare Aide Attendance Policy - please review and check the follwing:*
Homecare Aides Working for Family Members - please review and check the following*
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